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Plastics Plus Ltd - Accessories


Plastics Plus Ltd. provides a number of accessories to complement our fabricated products and sheet stock. These accessories include cleaning products, various adhesives and fabrication hardware. Our aim is to provide you with the solutions that you need, so if you have any questions about using materials purchased through our company, we would be happy to assist you.

  • Poly Pellets 1 Bag (10 lbs)

    Poly Pellets 1 Bag (10 lbs)

    Poly Pellets
    Pre-Packaged 10 lb. bags:
            1 bag for $26.50 each
      or   2 or more bags for $23.50 each CLICK HERE to get the best price

    Virgin grade polyethylene resin $2.65/lb

    Fantastic for the following:
    • Weighted blankets
    • Sand box alternative
    • 3-D crafts and scenes
    • Sensory development in childcare facilities
    • Bean bags, chairs and stuffed animals
    • Retail displays
    • Extruding or molding
    • Fantastic pen, knife or chopstick holder
    • Decorative candle holder
    • Decorative accents (in a bowl with led lights)
    • Anything else you can dream!
    Contact us today for details!
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