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Plastics Plus Ltd

Client Testimonials

A True Focus on Community Involvement
“Plastics Plus has been a great supporter of our organization for the past few years. Their support of our art program in particular has opened up new avenues of expression and creativity for the nearly 50 artists participating in our program to explore. Their generosity in donating Plexiglas to the program has enabled our talented artists to create some astonishing pieces of artwork that we otherwise would not have had the capacity to do. Having supporters like Plastics Plus means so much to non-profit organizations like ours to continue to provide the best quality services we can to the individuals whom we serve.”

Matt, Manager Corporate Communications and Fund Development

Exceptional Results
“I have returned to Plastics Plus because they have provided timely and exceptional work. Glenn is an artist and true craftsman, helping to create the vision we had for our entrance sign with detailed recommendations for our design to meet with our deadlines. A great team making this company a pleasure to work with.”

Heidi Devlin, Fine Arts Specialist
Genesis Early Learning Centre

Generosity that Goes Above and Beyond
“The good people at Plastics Plus enthusiastically support the art room program at Chrysalis. They have donated Plexiglas in truck loads, and best of all, they show interest in the artists and their paintings, as well. Thanks to their support to the program, their donations have given the artists new opportunities for creative expression, which has also allowed them to sell their artwork and gain some independence. The entire staff are generous and have gone above and beyond.”

Danielle Wylie, Art Program Volunteer